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Responsible Electronic Recycling for companies concerned about being legally compliant and focusing on environmental sustainability.

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Electronic Recycling About Desco

Founded in 1992 by Costa and Desiree Airaga, Desco Electronic Recyclers is an established, environmentally responsible and accredited recycler of electronic waste situated in Kempton Park.

Our services are offered to the public, small/medium enterprises (SME) and large corporations. We also provide services to government, educational and medical institutions.

We are proud of our clean, technological advanced facility and we encourage our clients and partners to come and visit us.

Desco benchmarks against processes across world-wide boundaries, according to sustainable technological innovation and processes, specifically those linked to E-Waste.

Our head office and processing plant is situated in Pomona, Gauteng.

E-Waste Recycling Our Services


Recycling WeeE



Certified Data Erasure

Certified DATA ERasure

Secure Data Destruction

Certified DATA Destruction



(printed circuit boards)

EPR Reporting

Epr Reporting




Battery recycling

Battery recycling

Desco Our Commitment

Desco helps to protect the integrity of its customers by means of its fast, secure and certified data destruction. We physically destroy old or broken electric and electronic devices so thoroughly that they are completely beyond repair.

This ensures that any data stored on them can never be recovered and it holds true for devices such as Hard Drives, Magnetic Tapes, Laptops, Tablets, Cellphones, GPS units and many more.

Printed Circuit Board Recycling

Desco we can help you if you are:

In need of chain of custody documents and reliable certified data destruction.

An electronics manufacturer and a high volume consumer.

An electronic manufacture with waste products

Storing unused devices The Cost & Risk

Lower Value

Each month that passes, the remarked value of your devices depreciates to the lowest values after 3 years.

Loss & Data Leaks

The risk of floods, fire, and theft can diminish market value, and add the risk of data leaks.

Waste of Space

Storage space can be used in a much more productive way, than storing unused electronic devices and cables.

*Free Collection for one ton or one square meter of electronic waste

Peace of mind Legal Compliance

All individuals and companies are required to comply with the National Environmental Management: Waste Act 2008. Failure to comply could result in a R10 Million fine, jail time or both.

When you choose Desco, you choose peace of mind, sustainability, and security. We supply all documentation required, within 7 days of destruction.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Recycling

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Contact Desco Electronic Recyclers today for your electronic recycling needs. Desco is legally compliant and focuses on environmental sustainability

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