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Desco attains recertification in three ISO standards

Desco attains recertification in three ISO standards

Around this time last year Desco announced that we had added both ISO45001 and ISO9001 certification to the ISO14001, which we first received in 2009. These three standards make up the integrated management system (IMS) which is certified by the International Standards Organisation (ISO).

This ensures that Desco Electronic Recyclers:

  • Has a structure in place to guide our continued improvement in a holistic manner focusing on the environment, people, growth and more;
  • Has set clear objectives for accountability and to maintain high standards for all stakeholders;
  • Can better support customers in reaching their sustainability goals and targets; and
  • It is able to constantly drive for better waste management development by ensuring risk assessment and analysis is done using a lifecycle approach.

One of the requirements of this ISO certification is to undergo annual audits to make sure that our standards remain high. And last month we successfully concluded our first full ISO audit.

The process was initiated by Desco to make sure our integrated management system (IMS) remains fully compliant and was conducted by ISOQAR Africa for purposes of recertification. It found that Desco:

  1. Is continually evolving and developing new management styles;
  2. Is undertaking research and development of Lithium Ion recycling processes;
  3. Has installed additional roofing in high impact areas; and
  4. Has installed a solar plant to mitigate against electricity supply interruptions.

Another key finding of the audit was that Desco’s Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) system is well documented and integrated with the overall business, and the management team is involved and committed to continual improvement.

So all good then but how does all of this add value to our business? 

Desco MD, Giulio Airaga, explains: “Desco has always been known for a strong client focus. This process of continual improvement locks that in by ensuring our systems are not only maintained but are constantly improved. Certification assures customers that our processes and procedures comply with the standards and other legal obligations.”

“This is critical for a company that continues to grow because that growth is what puts systems and processes under pressure. So, in a sense, the certification and accompanying audits function like an early warning system that keeps us on our toes.”

The ISO audit is something that we shall continue to undergo annually to check every part of the organisation. This means that all business units are audited and it ensures that we have better processes and systems in place and in use for the company to continue running smoothly and delivering great service to our customers.

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