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Desco Teams up with CapaCITI for skills-development

Desco Teams up with CapaCITI for skills-development

Desco Electronic Recyclers contributed PC components towards CapaCITI’s Tech Career Accelerator initiative, which helps to develop young South African talent with in-demand and relevant ICT skills. Our contribution involved the donation of computer hardware components to provide a much-needed hands-on practical training tool for the programme’s 60 enrolled students, allowing each of them to build their very own computer.

On the 1st March 2022 Desco was invited to observe and engage with these eager students as well as with the inspiring CapaCITI and Edu PC members who truly gave this project the necessary traction. We are very excited to be a part of this wonderful initiative and are looking forward to possibly welcoming some of the successful candidates into the Desco family in the not-too-distant future.

Desco provided 60 packages for the project, each containing with the following components:

1x Core 2 Duo CPU
1x Compatible Motherboard
1x Cooling fan and heatsink
1x Power Supply Unit (PSU)
1x SATA Hard Disk Drive (40-120 GB capacity)
1x SATA cable
1x VGA Cable
1x Kettle Power cord

For the uninitiated, CapaCITI (Cape Innovation & Technology Initiative) is a Non Profit Company with a mission to build a future-proof, inclusive society through technology and innovation. The vision is to enable inclusive growth of the digital economy by ensuring a steady pipeline of future-fit, skilled employees with relevant digital skills matched to industry demand.

CapaCiTi brings together expertise, technology and resources from industry, academia, government with impact funders in order to develop young South African talent with in-demand skills, thus giving them a solid foundation for successful and fulfilling careers.

Candidates receive blended training at CapaCITI Tech Campuses via an online learning platform that promotes self-learning and group work as part of a holistic programme designed to develop digitally confident candidates. Industry mentors provide teams with a business challenge and ask them to investigate a solution and present back to their mentor weekly. These activities enhance team work, communication and create a culture of solution-driven design thinking.

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