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Who is DESCO


Desco Electronic Recyclers is an established, environmentally responsible, accredited recycler of electronic waste situated in Kempton Park.


Stability and Growth

Desco Electronic Recyclers was founded in 1992 by Costa and Desiree Airaga as a new business venture for promoting work opportunities. As time went on it became clear that recycling was an integral part of going forward (the more waste we throw out, the more detrimental it becomes to the environment and our health)

In 2006 Luigi (1st son of Costa and Desiree) started as a yard foreman and is now Operations Manager.

In 2016 Enrico (2nd son of Costa and Desiree) started as a Process Engineer with a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering. In 2014 Enrico's wife, Aimee, joined Desco as SHE Officer.

In 2014 Giulio (3rd son of Costa and Desiree) started studying BCom and will join the company once his studies are completed


World Class e-Waste Recycling Processes

  • Desco benchmarks against processes across world-wide boundaries, according to sustainable technological innovation and processes, specifically those linked to E-Waste.
  • With our stable processes and clearly identified waste streams we have the ability to compete in the world market.
  • Desco is structured according to International Standards 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and is ISO 14001 compliant.

Business Excellence

The Desco approach to achieving and maintaining sustainable excellence is non-prescriptive and the approach is that Leadership, People, Policy and Strategy, Partnerships and Resources and Processes all contribute to a culture of excellence.  Through this culture of excellence our business partners can be confident that the business ethics and performance of Desco will meet all requirements.


DESCO's History


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