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In order for us to speed up your E-Waste Collection, please complete the information below.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Any collection details that need to be changed are to be done at least 24 hours before the collection date by the client, via telephone (011 979 3017/8)

2. If any collection is booked and is less than a 1 ton minimum or if the collection doesn't happen when the truck arrives at the collection address, the client will be liable for a R450 excl VAT Collection Fee.

3. Desco will not be held liable for any 3rd party decisions regarding units collected and recycled / destroyed.

4. Any certificate requested will be sent 7 days, from the date the units arrive at our premises, to the contact person as stated on this form.

5. Desco will not be held liable for any damages to floors, walls, doors, roofs, ceilings, or any part of the property caused when collecting electronic waste.

6. All fields marked with an * Asterisk * are to be completed

7. If you do have any problems with the submission of this form, send an email to webmaster@desco.co.za stating the problem or a screenshot showing the problem.

8. Collection of CRT Monitors only or majority, will be charged at: Qty 1-20 = R450 ex VAT per load, Qty 21-60 = R700 ex VAT per load, 61+ = R1000 ex VAT per load. This is due to the fact that the glass cannot be recycled and has to be sent to a hazardous landfill site.

Service Required Details

Please take note of the following:

a. Secure Destructions are only done on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - from 10am to 2pm

b. The preferred date and time you select will be confirmed or changed upon submission of this form

c. Secure Destruction cost is R10/kg

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