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Company Profile

Desco Electronic Recyclers is an E-Waste recycling company with its head office and processing plant situated in Kempton Park.

We have been recycling E-Waste since 1992 and our services are offered to the public, small/medium enterprises (SME) and large corporations. We also provide services to government, educational and medical institutions.

We offer a socially responsible solution for E-Waste and we give you peace of mind ensuring that your business is contributing to reducing its carbon footprint, as well as recycling E-Waste responsibly.

Desco Electronic Recyclers commits to engender a standard of excellence by providing a high quality service for the disposal of electronic waste, and ensuring that this service is always conducted in an environmentally friendly manner, and that the processes involved during the disposal would at all times conform to and comply with all relevant legislations as enforced by the recognized authorities - local and international.

Desco Electronic Recyclers is dedicated to the responsibility of being a good steward of the environment, and will in all circumstances aspire to constantly emphasize awareness of the natural environment, whilst maintaining a level of proficiency which demonstrates bona fide leadership in all spheres of the environment.

Desco Electronic Recyclers conforms to strict environmental recycling requirements and best practices. Our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is certified compliant by an International accredited auditing company. We are ourselves continuously monitoring and improving processes related to E-Waste recycling. 

Desco Electronic Recyclers is an eWASA accredited recycler/dismantler. Our facilities and processes have been audited against the E-Waste standard as set by eWASA.

Desco Electronic Recyclers operates within a business management structure according to identified key and secondary processes as well as to all legislative requirements. (National, Provincial, local, municipal and client specific)

The Desco systems and processes are regularly audited by our business partners verifying that their standards and requirements are met.

Desco Electronic Recyclers participates in Corporate Buy-Back Initiative is ensuring controlled and sustainable handling and recycling of redundant and obsolete equipment.

Our services include but are not limited to:
- Collection of electrical and electronic equipment/ waste from customer sites.
- Collections are free provided the items weigh more than 1 ton or fill a 1 ton capacity “bakkie”
- Buying and disposing of excess and redundant equipment.
- Warehouse / Computer Room clear-outs.
- Secure data / hardware destruction including Certificate of Destruction.

Other specialized services can be offered based on customer requirements.

We follow an open door policy and take pride in our people, our controlled recycling processes and what we have achieved in a sustainable way to protect our environment.

Be assured of the Desco commitment to be a world class electrical and electronic equipment recycler in South Africa.


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