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Scroll and zoom the map to the area closest to you then select an icon to display the address of the drop-off point. View DropOff Locations in a larger map

Find an E-Waste drop-off point near you

What is the procedure, should you want to drop-off your Electronic Waste at a designated E-Waste drop-off point nationwide?

Makro - During business hours, there is a Makro / Desco shipping container marked as an E-Waste drop-off bin.

Park close by and place your E-Waste into the drop-down hatch, then push the hatch up to close and release the E-Waste into the bin.

Incredible Connection & HiFi Corporation - During shop hours, hand your E-Waste to a shop clerk who will place it into their E-Waste bin

Map Legend

map legend

E-Waste Bin Disclaimer:
Desco, Makro and Samsung will not be held liable for any storage devices containing personal information, being disposed of into an E-Waste Bin. All storage devices that could contain personal information should be rendered inoperable prior to disposal. (Eg. cellphones, tablets, hard drives, cd’s, memory sticks, sd/compact flash cards, etc) Also make sure that all your disposed electronic waste has dropped into the E-Waste Bin, by closing the hatch all the way.


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