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Did you know?


1. Between 50 and 70 million tons of e-waste was generated world wide during 2010.
That is equivalent to:
a. 2 058 823 34 ton super link truck loads
b. If the super link trucks are parked nose to tail, they will go around the world 1,13 times which is equal to 45 294 km's!
c. Or you can fly 2,26 times between the North and South Poles for the distance made up of 2 058 823 super link trucks parked from nose to tail.

2. If we could prevent 70 million tons of e-waste going to landfill, it would equate to a saving of 3,57 billion tons of CO² being emitted into the atmosphere, through the re-use of the existing materials, based on a recycling rate of 95% (that is recycling 95% of all goods received for recycling at a professional electronic recycling plant/s)

3. 75% of all e-waste lies around in cupboards, garages and store rooms in private households, which if we take the quoted figure above of 70 million tons equates to 52,5 million tons of e-waste lying around private homes globally.

4. Many people are ignorant of the meaning of the term "E-Waste". E-Waste is an abbreviation of Electronic Waste, which has been adopted worldwide, to describe all waste generated from the following obsolete, redundant or irreparable items:
a. Computers 
b. Laptops
c. Digital Camera's
d. Monitors
e. Keyboards and Mice
f. TV's
g. Hi Fi's
h. Playstation, X-box and Wii consoles and peripherals
i. All electronic and digital games and gaming devices
j. Cell phones
k. Telephones
l. Printers
m. Copiers
n. Copiers and Fax machine combo's
o. Scanners
p. Electronic testing equipment
q. Electrical tools
r. Electronic diagnostics equipment
s. White Appliances (excepting fridges and air conditioners), but including toasters, irons, kettles
t. Almost anything that plugs in to an electrical wall socket with a cable and a plug.

5. Some e-waste contains toxins that are extremely harmful to humans, including but not limited to:
a. Cadmium
b. Beryllium
c. Mercury
d. Lead
e. Brominated Flame retardants


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