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Cellphone Waste

Smart phones contain materials made from minerals mined around the world. They also contain other materials that come from non-renewable resources. With more and more smartphones in our lives, the environmental impact of making and using them grows. When we replace an old smartphone with a new one, we need to find a way to lower the environmental impact.


With all the metals in your smartphone, consider then the importance of recycling your smartphone. This will allow future smartphones to be created with recycled metals that don't need to be mined.


Over 90% of materials in mobile phones can be recovered: Nickel, Cadmium, Cobalt, Gold, Silver, Copper, Plastic.

There are many precious metals as well as harmful materials used in the manufacture of cellphones, and by disposing mobile phones onto a landfill instead of recycling them, we pose a hazard to the economy and to the environment.


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