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Responsible Electronic Recycling for companies concerned about being legally compliant and focusing on environmental sustainability.

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Desco Certified Data Erasure

It is not necessary to completely destroy a device in order to erase the data. DESCO has licensed software that enables us to securely and permanently erase all data on hard drives.

Choosing this option of secure data erasure enables the devices to be refurbished for reuse without any risk that the original data might be recovered. It’s a great solution for destroying data while ensuring value recovery, which is convenient when costs are an important consideration.

Chain of custody documentation such as certificates of Data Destruction and Waste Manifests are available.

Certified Data Erasure involves erasing all data from the clients hard disk drives using industrial- grade disk sanitation software that supports over 20 international standards including US DoD 5220.22-M and NIST 800-88.

Data Erasure

Recycling Weee DESCO is compliant with current legislation

A full list of certifications can be found below

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