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Responsible Electronic Recycling for companies concerned about being legally compliant and focusing on environmental sustainability.

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Desco EPR Reporting

The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation obligates producers, by which it means manufacturers, importers and distributors, to continue to track their products and ensure responsible recycling and disposal of them at the end of their useful life.

Furthermore, all their efforts in this regard must be registered with the DFFE as a EPR Scheme and fulfil all the requirements of such a scheme.

Desco Producers effectively have four options

Create their own EPR Scheme

Join an existing EPR Scheme.

Contract a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) create and manage an EPR Scheme for them.

Set up their own PRO to service the needs of their ecosystem of companies.

WCS - TRACK and Trace System

DESCO has the expertise and personnel to assist producers to meet these requirements. We have also established alliances with recyclers of lighting products, batteries and product packaging to ensure that customers who are also producers of those products can use our services to dispose of all the products flagged by the DFFE.

DESCO has a track and trace system whereby we provide detailed reporting for electronic waste that producers would need to report and meet their targets for the year

GET IN TOUCH Contact Desco Electronic Recyclers today for your electronic recylcing needs. Desco is legally compliant and focuses on environmental sustainability.