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Responsible Electronic Recycling for companies concerned about being legally compliant and focusing on environmental sustainability.

Our Services


Disposition of retired IT assets is crucial to protecting your data and generating value recovery whilst meeting compliance needs.

Regulations requiring companies to protect personally information (POPI) of stakeholders continue to become more important. Companies are seeking secure data protection solutions and environmentally compliant systems to manage these risks associated to disposal of obsolete IT assets.

Refurbishing Laptops

Desco Our standard IT asset disposal services include

Data Destruction of data bearing devices

Data Erasure of Hard Drives

Data Centre Decommissioning at your location

Grading of IT Assets

Repair and Refurbishment of IT assets

Asset recycling based on asset condition

Asset Resale / Parts Recovery

Certificates of Destruction / Recycling / Reuse

GET IN TOUCH Contact Desco Electronic Recyclers today for your electronic recylcing needs. Desco is legally compliant and focuses on environmental sustainability.