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DESCO has the technology to recycle catalytic converters to recover the platinum group metals used in motor car exhaust systems.

The catalytic converters are generally priced according to their serial numbers. However, at DESCO we can pre-process the catalytic within the exhaust into a fine powder. Once the catalytic is in a powder form it can be analysed and priced at exact market value. In doing so the customer gets the full benefit of transparency and maxim return.

Catalytic exhaust fine powder
Catalytic Converter
Every car with a petrol or diesel engine has an exhaust system that includes a catalytic converter. This is the piece of the system that removes pollutants from the exhaust fumes of the engine before they leave the system.

The catalytic converter contains small quantities of rare metals, typically rhodium, platinum or palladium.

Catalytic converters are all different and contain varying amounts of these rare metals. We crush them into a powder form, and then analyse that powder to determine which metal and how much of it is present.

We then pay the customer out for the value of the metals recovered, which is based on the prevailing price of that particular metal.

Have you got an old catalytic converter lying around? If so, bring it to us. You may be surprised how much you can get for it.

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