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Responsible Electronic Recycling for companies concerned about being legally compliant and focusing on environmental sustainability.

Our Services

Desco Secure Data Destruction

IT assets contain sensitive data and confidential information. If this information is compromised, your company’s reputation is at risk.

We destroy data on hard drives, magnetic and solid state drives.

We support physical destruction of storage media and data erasure which enables hard drive reuse.

Our secure data destruction services ensure all data is destroyed and irrecoverable. Our processes adhere to industry standards and include all documentation required for compliant certification.

Chain of custody documentation such as certificates of Data Destruction and Waste Manifests are available.

Hard Drive Destruction

Recycling Weee DESCO is 100% compliant at all times with current legislation.

A full list of certifications can be found below

Secure Data Destruction Desco Electronic Recyclers

We offer Secure Data Destruction services for all data-bearing equipment and devices.

We provide data shredding with certificated proof of destruction for all data-bearing assets.

Call us now on 011 979 3017 or pop us a email at for more information on this topic.

Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment Recycling

GET IN TOUCH Contact Desco Electronic Recyclers today for your electronic recylcing needs. Desco is legally compliant and focuses on environmental sustainability.